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A Parent’s Love


I have seen the amazing love of parents. The sacrificial love. I have witnessed it in my own parents as they have cared for us children when we are sick. I have witnessed it as they have guided us back to the truth of Scripture time and again after we have been allured by the world’s standard.

I have been blessed to witness this love, the love of parents for a child, in the family of dear friends who attend our church. Their oldest child has caused turmoil in their family that has torn them from each other, and, in all reality, doesn’t even realize the extent of what she has done. And I have been blessed to hear and see them reaching out to this wayward child, loving and praying for this child, even when it has hurt.

A few months ago, around Christmas, Mama found a story, a true story, online, and she read it to us. And we cried. And it reminded me of the love this family has for their child. So I though I would post it here, for everyone to read.

And, personally, I would have a box of tissues ready if you are a very emotional person, or are easily touched by a sad story….just sayin’…..


It was a few days before Christmas. Late one evening Dr. Paul Young was preparing to leave the hospital after an exhausting day of operations in the emergency room. As he was preparing to exit the hospital, he received an urgent request to come back to the emergency room immediately.

He was told that there was a severe accident and that the patient was in critical condition. He quickly prepared himself for another surgery, but he was not prepared for what he saw when he entered the emergency room.

Lying on a gurney was Mary, his 18 year old daughter whom he had not seen or spoken to for 5 months. Her face was broken and cut; she had a broken arm, two broken legs and severe internal bleeding.

Five months ago, Mary had decided that mom and dad’s Christian values and teaching were too restrictive; she wanted to party and live life in the fast lane, so she packed her car and left home. She got away from home, away from God and the truth that her parents had taught her.

Dr. Young had not been looking forward to this Christmas, who wants to celebrate and open gifts, when your daughter, your only child is missing?

Mary’s condition was very critical, so Dr. Young immediately went to work, trying to stabilize her vital systems so that she could survive.

He worked through out the night trying to save his daughter’s life. The staff knew that he had been working in the E.R. for 14 hours; they urged him to go home and rest. He thanked them for their concern, and shared some of his thoughts. “She is my child, she is my life, this is the little girl who came running to greet me with big hugs when I came home. This is the little girl who used to bake funny looking cookies for us and brought us so much happiness with her sweet childlike ways.”

Around sunrise Mary’s vital signs began to stabilize, Dr Young had operated as much as he could, considering her fragile condition. He remained by Mary’s bed until she overcame the effects of being sedated.

Dr. Young took his daughter’s hand and assured her that he would be back in a few hours to check on her, and that he and her mother would be praying for her.

On Christmas day, Dr. and Mrs. Young went to visit Mary in the hospital; they took gifts for Mary since they wanted to celebrate Christmas with their daughter.  As soon as they entered her room, Mary asked, “Daddy why did you do it, why did you stay and work on me all of those long hours after you were already so exhausted?”

“After the way that I have been so unkind and disrespectful to you and mom, I have been such a rebel and prodigal, why did you even care?”

Dr. Young walked over to his daughter’s bed and took her hand in his and said, “Because you are my child, you are a very important part of our lives – all is forgiven, welcome home sweetheart.”

Dr. young shared with Mary and the staff gathered around her bed, how God took three nails and the precious blood of Jesus and wrote the greatest love story that the world has ever heard.

Written by David and Helena at


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