A Poem

A nameless something stirs in my breast
An unsatisfied feeling starts my quest.
What? I know not ~ only that I
May not rest ’til I satisfy
This monstrous something in my soul
That’s yearning and waiting to be made whole.
I look high and low, searching ~ for what?
Possessions? Mere money? Recognition? But ~
None of it satisfies ~ all of it’s vain!
All passes away causing nothing but pain!
Discouraged, downhearted, still do I long
For what? I know not ~ but the feeling is strong.
All around do I look ~ nothing is found.
Trial and tribulation abound.
Broken and lonely and weak, do I stray
Away from Him who would show me the way.
Tired of pain and hurt and tears;
Away I shrink from unknown fears.
Lonely and tired; no rest to be found ~
In my heart confusion abounds.
Will I ever find peace or joy or rest?
Do I truly believe my Lord knows best?
I shrink away from Him in pain
Knowing full well my efforts are vain.
It’s “this” and then “that” ~ a division is made,
My entire soul is so much depraved!
No one can know my heart full of sin.
No one ever thinks of the tumult within.
Why can I not submit to Him now?
His working in my life allow?
In the midst of this pain there’s a lesson to learn;
This I forget ~ for the world do I yearn.
Can I  submit to my Saviour’s will?
My human nature have I strength to kill?
My Saviour knows me; knows my heart,
Knows things that to no one on earth I’d impart.
Is it enough ~ can I be satisfied,
For the sovereign Lord to be my guide?
Even though I may feel sad and alone
Through the Lord my way will be shown.
The glory of God my comfort will be,
Until  I rest in eternity.

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