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and the bride wore tulle

And the Bride Wore TulleAnd the Bride Wore Tulle by Bekah O’Brien
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Guys, my blogging friend, Bekah O’Brien, recently published a new book. And she asked me to review it! I was so very excited to read it, and I am so excited to share it with all of you!

Aimee Matheson now finds herself a grieving widow. Unsure of what her future holds, she decides to travel to the midwest with her mother-in-law, Annamae, to care for her. Aimee also wants to learn more about AnnaMae’s God, but she is hurting so deeply she’s not sure if He truly cares. Jedrick Carpenter is a hard-working man who owns his own lumber mill. When Aimee and her mother-in-law, AnnaMae, arrive in his little town in North Dakota, he is shocked at the tragedy that has struck the Matheson family, who used to be neighbors of his growing up. Jedrick is determined to show Aimee and AnnaMae kindness and help them out in any way possible, but is that all God has in store for him? Join Aimee, AnnaMae, and Jedrick as they journey through the season of life they are in as they seek His will for their lives and come to know His amazing redemption.

Wow. Just . . . wow. I knew this would be good when I first saw it, and I wasn’t in the least disappointed! This was a story I had been looking forward to reading since I first heard about it, and I was *SO* excited when I was asked to read it and review it =)

This is a beautiful re-telling of a familiar story — that of Ruth, from the Bible. I *loved* this little gem. It was beautiful. It was raw. It was a well-written story that was so familiar, yet so . . . not. And I absolutely loved it.

The story opens at a wedding, and then a funeral quickly follows. AnnaMae, the mother-in-law, is the quintessential mother-in-law. She’s sweet and understanding, kind and compassionate, and a follower of Christ. She is willing to take her daughter-in-law under her wing and bring her with her to the farm.

Aimee — and I love the spelling of that name! — is the daughter-in-law who is broken and hurting and has a gaping hole in her heart. She is drawn to her mother-in-law and wants to stay with her. She travels with her to the farm in North Dakota, willingly leaving behind the family and friends that she has known her whole life. She gets a new job, sacrifices to make ends meet, and strives her hardest to take care of AnnaMae. And yet, something is still missing.

Aimee wakes up one evening and walks outside, under the canopy of stars. And it is there that the Lord draws her to Himself and causes her to face questions that have been bothering her since she was a child. And naturally, she asks her mother-in-law, who always seems to have the answers. Before she falls back asleep, she is a child a God, and the hole in her heart has been filled with the Saviour’s love.

Before the end of the story, Aimee learns to accept help swallow her pride, and follow the Lord’s leading, even when it doesn’t make sense.

Even though this is a story of marriage and love and loss, it was handled tastefully, and there was absolutely nothing untoward at all in the telling of it. I would hand it to my thirteen-year-old sister with no qualms. I admire Bekah for that ability, the ability to write a God-glorifying story in a God-glorifying way.

This is a beautiful story, quick to read, and worth the time. It is a beautiful portrayal of so many Scriptural truths! I would highly recommend this tale to everyone, and wholeheartedly give it five stars.


*I received a copy of this story from the author in exchange for an honest review.
I wasn’t required to enjoy it, just to give my honest opinion — which I wholeheartedly did :D*

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