Answer Me

I have written a few times about the children’s choir at our church that our Pastor asked me to help start. But I haven’t wanted to write much about it because…..well…..just because =P

But this particular song is too sweet not to share with you. There is just *something* special about hearing so many children’s and young people’s voices lifted in praise to our great King.

A friend wrote and composed it.
Children and young people of all ages sang it.
Some of the mothers’ of our congregation graciously agreed to join in.
The words came directly from Psalm 4.

This song was difficult to learn, but they pushed on. And it sounded wonderful! The children and young people have all been blessed with beautiful voices, and they all use the gift God has given them to bring glory to His Name.

A friend filmed this song that was sung as a prelude for the Lordship Conference our church hosted, and when I heard it, It became my  favourite that the children have sung to date — followed closely by Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross, which was a song I wasn’t too sure would work out, since a friend who is attending school in Colorado was playing….and there would only be time for one practice with the piano and children together. And it was wonderfully played and sang, with piano and voices blending together beautifully…..but I digress =)

Here is the link to the song: Answer Me — Psalm 4

May this song bless you as you listen!

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