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at calvary

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared the history of a hymn on my blog . . . and that’s because I write a column for Radiant Hearts Magazine entitled — guess what? — Hymn History. The latest issue was released in February, and I thought I would share a snippet with you =) This month I shared a little about the hymn At Calvary — one of my favourite hymns to play on almost any instrument. 

One day, more than a hundred years ago, a twenty-seven year old teacher was sitting in an empty classroom, planning out his lessons. As he attempted to get his thoughts in order, they drifted towards the work the Lord had done in his life . . .

. . . Each one of us who claim the name “Christian” and who have been truly converted, have indeed spent years chasing after our own selfish desires, building up our own pride, and caring less about the Christ who sacrificed Himself for our sins. We didn’t understand that our soul, burdened as it was, would find liberty, mercy, and grace at the cross of Christ, until the Lord awakened us and the Spirit drew us towards Christ — for in our own humanity, we would never have wanted to hear these things.

Eventually, the Spirit pierced us to our hearts with the recognition that we were, indeed, sinners. That we did need a Saviour, that we had broken the law of God, and that we were, in fact, declared guilty before the sinless Saviour. Did you not tremble, dear sister, when you learned these truths? When you realized, perhaps for the first time ever, that you were a filthy, worthless sinner before a holy God? I did — I can remember the fear that consumed me, wanting to make things right between God and myself, yet not being perfectly clear about how I could go about doing such a thing. Then I realized that there was nothing I could do, nothing at all. Anything I could ever offer to the Lord would still be worthless. I had only to throw myself on the mercy of Christ and ask for His forgiveness, sinner that I was. Do you remember that time? What was your reaction to that great, overwhelming love? Naturally, the desire to live for Christ, to give everything you had for Christ, to own His name and share about what He did for you. Did your heart not burst forth in rapture, or wonder, at the love and mercy and grace that the cross represents to sinful man?

To finish reading more about the history behind this great hymn of the faith, you can go to RHM — did you already know this history, or was it new to you? Isn’t it inspiring to learn a bit about the hymns we sing every Sunday came into being? 

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