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Daughter’s Manifesto

There is a family conference held every year a few hours south of here — a conference every single one of us looks forward to. The messages are uplifting and encouraging, the fellowship is wonderful, and our family, at least, always leaves with a wonderful feeling of rejuvenation…..a feeling of a vision for life renewed and made stronger.

Listening to the speakers — this year Mr. Tom Ford and Mr. Scott Brown, you can feel the weariness of life slipping away, being replaced by a zeal to live your best for the glory of God. You can feel the loneliness leaving, being replaced by a deep and satisfying sense of God’s friendship and love. You can feel the failures of the times you’ve tried your best and just not been good enough — the times you have really, really messed up — loosening their hold on you, realizing that others, too, have made mistakes, messed up badly, and still been used for God’s kingdom work.

Mr. Scott Brown gave a wonderful message on the beauty of womanhood, and I thought I would share the last part of it with all of you. I didn’t get to hear all of it, as I was helping with a few other things, but the last part I did hear was marvelous. Lord willing, it was recorded and I can re-listen to it =)

A Manifesto for Daughters

Gospel — know and embrace it, and live it faithfully
Conformity — to the Word of God, not walking in the way of this world
Doctrine — know the Biblical doctrine of womanhood, and live it dailyKeeper at Home — learn to be content at home
Teaching — prepare to be a teacher to the next generation of children,
prepare yourself to be a “Titus 2” mentor for the next generation of young ladies
Helper — whether or not you’ll be married
Dominion — spend the years of your youth taking dominion — in your home,
in your life, in politics, wherever the Lord shows you
Boldness — confidently taking your place in the world, your home, and the church
Authority — understand the proper use in the many spheres of life, church, and home
Modesty — study the doctrine of femininity
Glorification — of God alone
Beauty — the true beauty of a woman who fears the Lord
Contentment — finding joy in what God has given to you

There is only one fountain of goodness and beauty in the world — Jesus Christ

Several of you did attend the conference — what did you think? What new thing did you learn? Was there something you were reminded of?

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I am a 23 year old young lady who is redeemed and saved from my sin only by the grace of God. A bibliophile at heart with a love of history who desires to see the Word of God practically applied to all aspects of our daily lives -- in our homes, in the grocery store, in the political realm. I strive to put my jumbled, chaotic thoughts down onto paper -- reducing them into black and white rows, letters, sentences. Into some semblance of sanity. And I share them here with all of you, where I can challenge you, make you think, and cause you to ask questions. I am the oldest of eleven children living the country life in the deep south.

What are your thoughts?

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