gleanings from a book

As each post becomes available, I will update this page with links. Prayerfully, you will enjoy this series as much as I have!

*For the ease of finding a lesson on a particular book, I’ve put the books in alphabetical order, instead of the order they first appeared on MfM

A Lost Pearle — A Lesson in Suffering and Trials
Hand on the Bridle — Concerning our Wills
Mary Jones and her Bible — Glorifying God
Saved at Sea — A Sure Foundation
Seven Days Left — Time is Fleeting
Sir Knight of the Splendid Way — A Lesson from a Nameless Knight
The King’s Gold — Consequences of Claiming Christ
The Lost Clue — Unlikely Soil
The Passage — Be Ever Ready
The Three Weavers — Guarding our Hearts

Are you interested in seeing a lesson from a particular book? Feel free to make suggestions in the comment section below!

What are your thoughts?

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