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just a mask

It’s *just* a mask. Why so much controversy over a little piece of fabric that is supposed to protect you from this dreaded virus? What’s the big deal? Should we really cause a ruckus over wearing one or not wearing one?

What about acting in love towards our neighbor, and preventing the spread of this virus?
What about Paul, telling us to obey the government in Romans 13:1?

I want to state right up front: I’m not judging you if you chose to wear a mask. I’m not judging you if you decide you won’t ever put one on your face. I honestly can’t find anywhere in the Bible that declares Thou shalt not wear a mask. But I do want to seriously question why a mask is considered so important that it’s the hill we are going to live and die on. After all, it’s *just* a mask, right?

In a way, it is. But in a way, it’s so much more. I live in a state that has recently mandated face masks for the next 2 weeks, perhaps longer. I want to ask one question: Is it right? Legally, can they do such a thing? Is the government called to dictate our healthcare decisions to us?

And I must answer no to those questions.

No, it’s not right. No, I won’t play their game. And no, I don’t really believe that a mask is going to prevent me from getting sick in the first place.

Guys, there’s a time and a place for masks — I’m not just some rebellious girl out here declaring that I will never do what the government tells me to do. That would make me an anarchist, and we all see where that got “Chazistan”, ‘kay? In fact, I have worn a mask, when medical personnel required me to do so, when my grandfather was sick with something in the hospital and they put him in semi-isolation. So let me be perfectly clear: There is a time and place for masks. I wear a face covering when I dust the bookshelves, or change out my clothes, or do anything else dusty, to prevent an asthma attack.

But should the government mandate them? No. They can strongly suggest we wear one. The stores can require one. A friend may ask me to wear one at her house. A hospital may not let me visit patients without one. Okay — that’s all well and good. That’s their right, it’s their property.

But under no circumstances should the government tell me what I can and cannot wear upon my face.

And it’s a small thing, really, when you think about it, until you consider that the same government that is requiring a mask to “protect” me from getting sick is slowly stripping away all our constitutional liberties and rights to just about everything.

This is the way I see it: I didn’t know what Covid would bring. I didn’t know what it entailed. All I knew about the virus was that it could potentially be quite deadly. But it wasn’t. Folks, less than .2% died from it. For those who can’t read percentages and decimals, that’s two tenths of a percent. And that reflects numbers that have been reported inaccurately and have been inflated.

All of us Americans, Christians included, reacted in fear. We reacted in fear to a virus that ended up killing less people that the flu does annually, and we allowed people to lose their jobs and all sources of income, we allowed people to close down churches . . . and for what? If we had been thinking reasonably, we would have seen what the government was doing.

Do you realize that, essentially, “they” deemed churches non-essential? They basically made it illegal to gather for church. We can gather for a tear-down-the-statue party, but don’t you dare gather and pray together.

Do you realize that, in California right now, not only is meeting in a church building illegal, but so is meeting in homes and outside? And so is praying in groups and singing in worship. That would be a normal statement if I were speaking about China, or communist Russia. But California is in America, people, and generally what happens in California spreads throughout the rest of the US.

Are Christians being persecuted?
Well, it hasn’t yet gotten to the point where we are being hunted down and beheaded or burnt or drowned yet. But if we continue to hand over our God-given liberties, and allow the government to dictate what is going to happen when to us, then we are on a fast-track down that road.

So, it’s just a mask. Okay. But the mask has become a symbol of our freedom. I’m sure the Jews thought it was just an armband that they had to wear. And, after all, what was so terrible about identifying yourself as a Jew?

I don’t know if they protested, refused to wear it, or what the consequences of those actions would have been. I can hear people now: It’s just an armband. Obey the government. Act in love towards your neighbor and let them know you are a Jew.

And what happened? That “just an armband” very quickly turned into “just no more jobs,” “just no more trust,” “just live here in the Ghetto,” “just get onto this train,” and “just walk into this gas chamber.”

Do you see the similarities here? Do you think I am being a bit dramatic? Too far fetched?

Keep in mind that no government will ever strip you of your rights overnight. It will take a series of small, almost inconsequential choices that will bring you to a state of communist Russia. Almost imperceptibly, it happens, all throughout history.
Until 2020. The year that American citizens were stripped of all constitutional rights nearly overnight, and we did nothing.
Churches were shut down, and we did nothing.
Jobs were taken away, and we did nothing.
Our elderly were locked into nursing homes, and we said nothing.
The sick among us were required to go through medical treatments by themselves in a hospital, and we said nothing.
Healthy people were forced into a quarantine, and we still did nothing.

When will we wake up and see what is happening? Guys, all we have to do is look around. Observe. They are ruling us through fear — and wearing a face mask just happens to be the thing of the moment. Tomorrow it will be something else.

So, if you see me walking around, not wearing a mask, know it’s not because I’m not “loving my neighbor” or not caring about those around me. No, it’s because I’m a freedom loving person who will cling to my rights until they are taken from me. It’s because I refuse to bow down to any god but King Jesus, and I refuse to live in fear of a virus.

I know that God is sovereign, and that He is in control. If He has ordained that I will die in three weeks from this virus, a face mask isn’t going to stop it from happening.

If this virus comes, let it find us doing something good. Let’s not hide in fear from the unknown — let’s embrace the unknown with our whole hearts.

If we are called to stand up and defend our rights, let us fearlessly do so, without cowering, no matter if we are standing alone.

The issue isn’t the face mask.

The issue is those NOT wearing the scrap of fabric are those who are independently thinking and researching and not allowing the government to dictate how they will live their lives, and so they must be made out to be the villains. ‘Cause if we think for ourselves, then we will most definitely be a hindrance to the government.

So the next time you see someone, realize that it is their right to wear a mask or not to wear one. Understand that it’s not at all sinful to put one on, and it’s not a sin to not wear one.

Do the research. Make your own decision. Understand that constitutionally, no one can “make us” wear one against our will, and if we the people stood up, this would quickly be over.

Make an informed decision. Pray, and do not fear.

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I am a 23 year old young lady who is redeemed and saved from my sin only by the grace of God. A bibliophile at heart with a love of history who desires to see the Word of God practically applied to all aspects of our daily lives -- in our homes, in the grocery store, in the political realm. I strive to put my jumbled, chaotic thoughts down onto paper -- reducing them into black and white rows, letters, sentences. Into some semblance of sanity. And I share them here with all of you, where I can challenge you, make you think, and cause you to ask questions. I am the oldest of eleven children living the country life in the deep south.


  • H.S. Kylian

    Not to mention that it’s also an election year, and a certain party has been trying to impeach the president for…*checks notes* oh, since before the 2016 election.

    Also, have you heard that people with medical exemptions are being turned away from stores? And at least one family I’ve heard of was turned away from church because they’re unable to wear masks because they have medical issues that prevent them from wearing one. (At least I think it was the entire family)

    I also know people who can’t wear masks and every time I see someone shaming people for not wearing masks, I just want to yell at them, “What about the people who have respiratory issues???”

    • Kaitlyn S.

      No. I hadn’t heard that and it’s just absolutely terrible. I can imagine stores turning people away, as wrong as that is . . . but a church? Seriously? That is heartbreaking!!

      I myself have terrible asthma, aggravated by mold/miildew, among other things — so even if I didn’t feel this strongly about not wearing a mask, I wouldn’t wear one :D No way I’m putting the moist warm mask against my mouth and nose and breathing in! And respiratory issues aren’t something that you can see — so no one should be harassing people for not wearing one.

      And an election year . . . hmm . . . I’m glad you brought that up! I always wonder what on earth any political party has to gain from causing turmoil right before the elections, but it seems to be the norm for the US.

  • Lilly W.

    ❤ I agree with every single thing you said (unusual). This is literally what my dad and pastor has been telling us since the beginning. We trust God, not masks, and if we get sick, it’s part of His wonderful plan. Thanks for this post.

    • Kaitlyn S.

      Yes! I could die from Covid . . . or a car accident . . . or just in my sleep. If we TRULY believe God is sovereign, then we have no reason to fear an illness! I’m glad to hear that other people are saying the same things! Down here, I kinda feel like there’s only a few people willing to trust God with this . . . and it’s sad to see the fear in their eyes.

  • Leona

    Amen! Thank you for standing up for the truth on this issue! You said some of the same things my dad has been saying. :) Have you watched the documentaries “Agenda” and “Agenda 2”, by Curtis Bowers? They are about communism in America and are excellent, although I don’t agree with the theological views of everyone on them.

    • Kaitlyn S.

      I have watched Agenda 1 and 2 — and we were able to rent them on Amazon to watch them again a few weeks ago. ((We have several of the DVD’s . . . somewhere. We loan them out to people, and then they pass them along, and they’ll be back eventually, I suppose =D)) I *think* I heard Mr. Bowers mention they were looking into doing an Agenda 3 soon, and I’d definitely watch it! With Agenda 2, we had watched it when it first came out, and rewatching it we were all amazed that it had only been 10 years ago, and how fast everything has happened. I know both films were free on youtube — Mrs. Bower’s sent Mom a link to them — but I’m not sure if they still are? Or if that was only until the 4th?

      I am glad to hear that your family is saying the same things as we are down here! And I know the restrictions up there are waaaay more rigid than they are down here!

      • Leona

        That’s great! :) I’d be interested in watching Agenda 3 too. :)
        We recently watched Agenda 2 for the first time, and we had to check the date it was produced because it was so applicable to today! That was cool– but scary! ;)

  • Ryana Lynn

    I am definitely not going to advocate anarchy but I agree. There is a time and a place. If I’m wearing a mask, I will have a good reason. Otherwise, thanks for the suggestion, y’all! I know people who wore them and got sick anyway. So yeah, I’m not gonna fight people on it, but please don’t fight me either ;)

    • Kaitlyn S.

      Exactly! I had a friend who shared this analogy with me (and I *think* he got it from Mr. Doug Wilson, if I remember right): It’s not a sin to hand a robber my wallet. But I’m going to have a good reason to hand it over first! (Kaitlyn paraphrase version, of course :D)

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