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Little Drops of Water

Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean,
And the pleasant land.

How many times have you heard that little ditty? Do you know that I believe that it is true? Little drops of water water are a mighty, powerful force to be reckoned with. Ask me how I know.

A water leak can cause immense damage to the underside of a house — even just the smallest of a drizzling leak. It can cause the wood to rot. It can cause the floor that you walk on and trust to hold you up to become shaky and soft underfoot. It can cause main beams of the house to erode.

You know what causes almost — if not just as much — damage as water? Little bugs called termites eating the almost 100 year old house you live in. From the beneath everything, in the dark obtrusive places you never look and you never see and you never think to look.

I realized recently that this is an excellent example of a Christian life. When you tolerate a little — even the minutest amount — of unholiness, of ungodliness, of lust, of compromise, in your life, it eats away at your spiritual growth. Just like the little drops of water, slowly your sensitivity to things you would normally object to is worn away, worn thin, worn until it is shaky underfoot, and all you have left is an unsure, unsteady foundation, ready to latch onto anything that promises stability.

Once the groundwork has been set, in comes the little termites, to eat away at the eroding structure, trying to abolish it altogether. Deep down in the never-really-looked-into places of your heart are new emotions and attitudes that you know go against your parents wishes. And you allow them because they seem to offer secure footing. A book or two read because it seems alluring and uplifting. Maybe a certain guy that you encourage without your parents approval — maybe even knowing they disapprove. Certain friends you stop being with because you don’t want to hear what they have to say — replacing them with questionable people that your parents don’t know about. Maybe your clothing choices change, dressing more for man’s pleasure than for God’s glory. Skipping your personal quiet time to read a good book, or start on that to-do list you have to accomplish.

The only way to fix it is to get to the heart of the problem. Rip out the old rotting wood and replace it with new. Get down in all the muckiness and begin an all out fight to tear out the sinful attitudes and ask the Lord for help as you wallow around in the dirt and nastiness you have allowed in your life. Yes — you will get dirty. Yes — it might stink terribly badly. Yes — it will not be any fun. Not. At. All. And it may take days. Weeks. Months even — or years — to totally repair all the damage that has been going on. To clean it all out, make it nice and new looking, and start again, fresh. Even a life that looks good on the outside isn’t always perfect  on the inside — just as a home that seems structurally sound can actually be rotting away underneath.

Go ahead — ask how my week has been, and what has been filling up my family’s — mainly my father and brothers — time this week. Could you guess? =}

Yes….a water leak. Discovered by the thousands (literally) of flying bugs that swarmed inside our house. Major nasty, in my book. Those critters were there because of the rotted wood that we had plans to fix….but we were going to do it later, after we had finished some other projects so we would have more room to move things around….so we would have a place to eat our meals. Man may make plans, but God changes them, and He knows the end from the beginning. See, the project would also involve the kitchen floor, which is connected to the laundry room, which is connected to the bathroom that had problems last Fall. Which is how we — meaning Dad — discovered the floor needed to be fixed. *Problems* meaning at one point there was no floor in the bathroom — much like the laundry room at this point. If you stepped out the kitchen door, you would step into a hole and land on the ground under the house — about three feet down :-)

But you know what? As a friend pointed out this past week, God is good. At least we still have a roof over our heads, right? And at least Dad has the knowledge to do everything himself, right? And what valuable skills the boys are learning as they work with my father and learn how to fix these sorts of issues!

And what lessons we are learning as we begin our journey of living in a construction zone!!! :D

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