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Elaheh’s brothers are lazy and controlling …

When Elaheh’s parents die, she is devastated, especially when her brothers seem to not care at all. They slowly make her help them more and more in the vineyard until she is finally forced to do all of the work plus keeping the house clean and food ready.

When Prince Solomon comes to town to hear from the people, Elaheh talks to him to see if there is anything they can do. Solomon feels bad for Elaheh and searches for weeks to find something, but can’t. So he comes up with a plan.

Will Solomon be able to rescue Elaheh from her lazy brothers? Will Elaheh survive all the work she is forced to do? Can true love come to a humble foreigner like Elaheh?

This was an intriguing story about King Solomon — still a prince in this setting — and Elaheh, a young girl who is orphaned. Definitely an interesting concept, and definitely a historical setting with historical characters that I had never really thought about much.

It was an easy read, and I finished the book in a few hours. I appreciated the jewish customs that were integrated into the manuscript, and the way the book brought them to life. And even though this was the fifth book in a series, I followed along just fine without having read the prior four, so I would say this could be a stand-alone novel =)

The one thing that irked a bit was the more modern tone of some of the characters. Some of the ways they acted and the things they said just didn’t line up with what I know to be true of the culture in the time period . . . I’m not really sure that a girl would have acted as Elaheh did, or that the brothers would have been quite so very lazy, but the point was made, it carried the  storyline along.

The romance aspect of this was very, very subtle, and nothing in it was offensive at all, which I appreciated. In fact, it was almost barely there, which was nice in a world where the romance in stories tends to be a bit overboard =)

The story line was interesting, and the writing style was enjoyable to read . . . all in all, a three star read.

I was gifted a copy of this book for the release tour — all thoughts are my own. 

About the Author:

Faith Blum is a small-town Wisconsin girl who lives in the center of the state with her husband and baby boy. She loves writing, reading, crafting, and her cat, Smokey. She writes primarily Historical Fiction with an emphasis on Christian Westerns.

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