peculiar character

In family worship a couple nights ago, this quote from Charles Spurgeon was read. It went so well with what I had written about earlier (read that post here, if you missed it) that Mom encouraged me to put it on here for you all to read =)

God knows what godliness is, for He has created it, He sustains it, He is pledged to perfect it, and His delight is in it. What matters it whether you are understood by your fellow men or not, so long as you are understood by God? If that secret prayer of yours is known to Him, seek not to have it known to anyone besides. If your conscientious motive is discerned in heaven, mind not though it is denounced on earth. If your designs — the great principles that sway you — are such as you dare plead on the great Day of Judgement, you need not stop to plead them before a jesting, jeering generation. Be godly, and fear not. And, if you be misrepresented, remember that your character be dead and buried among men, there will be  “a resurrection of reputations” as well as of bodies. “Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father” (Matt. 13:43). Therefore be not afraid to possess this peculiar character, for though it is misunderstood on earth, it is well understood in heaven.”

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