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praise God from whom all blessings flow . . .

One of my favourite quotes is from G. K Chesterton: “The world will never starve for want of wonders, but for want of wonder.” 

Sometimes, we get caught up in the big, life changing events, and forget to look at the small things. The little things, so often overlooked, are often sources of immense wonder, causes for joy, and a reminder to praise the Lord most high.

Little things, like the sun peeking through the clouds after a long week of rain. Or the beautiful rainbow breaking forth over our home.
The sunset, so magnificently, marvelously, gloriously bright; a reminder of our Creator.
Driving down old country roads.
The warmth of the spring air, and the gentle breeze blowing my hair around.
A kitchen, with the dishes washed and the counters cleared.
The lights hanging outside on the porch.

Reading a book outside on the porch, basking in the sunlight.
Essential oils in a diffuser.
A paper my brother handed me to check, with no misspells.
The crickets chirping in unison.
The fresh breeze, blowing through the house from the opened windows.
Experiencing the “aha!” moments of teaching little ones to read.
The patter of rain against a window.
Little brothers, playing with bows and arrows in the yard.

The joy of a good book.
Little siblings practicing their instruments.
The beautiful, romantic moon, that was so bright a few nights ago.
Flowers, blooming in profusion with all the rain and the sun.
The opportunity to bring my three youngest siblings and my oldest brother to the library, and see them revel in all the books.
Sunlight pouring in the front screen door.
The joy of implementing a minimalist closet, and purging old clothes.
Baking chocolate chip cookies, and the smell of them filling the kitchen.

A sink of warm sudsy water.
A good cup of coffee.
The scent of the daffodils filling our bedroom that my youngest sister picked.
Tending to the little baby Gardenia’s that I started from a cutting last spring.
Planning the garden areas.
The scent of clean laundry, ready to be folded.
Watching the hawk that has taken up residence across the street.
The sound of children laughing and playing outside.

Dusting and cleaning our bedroom, while listening to music.
Piano keys, slightly out of tune, yet marvelously harmonious.
50ish burritos made and in the freezer, ready at a moments notice.
Washi tape and stickers making my planner a thing of beauty and delight.
Simply marking tasks off my to-do list.
The birds singing and flitting around.
Singing in harmony with my sisters.

Little things, simple things, routine things, so very often overlooked, but wondrous nonetheless. There are little things all around us, everyday, if we only take the time to look past the messy moments to the beautiful.


Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, praise Him all creatures here below,
praise Him above ye heavenly host, praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

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I am a 23 year old young lady who is redeemed and saved from my sin only by the grace of God. A bibliophile at heart with a love of history who desires to see the Word of God practically applied to all aspects of our daily lives -- in our homes, in the grocery store, in the political realm. I strive to put my jumbled, chaotic thoughts down onto paper -- reducing them into black and white rows, letters, sentences. Into some semblance of sanity. And I share them here with all of you, where I can challenge you, make you think, and cause you to ask questions. I am the oldest of eleven children living the country life in the deep south.

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  • Jonathan Character

    Hey, that happens to be one of my favorite quotes too!
    My little things experience is when I walk out to leave for work and sit on the trunk of my car for 10 minutes and just soak up the morning. And all the morning means and brings. Breath that cool air. Feel no stress, no hurry – for 10 minutes. :)

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