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protecting the poor — cover reveal!

Here in blogging land, there’s something exciting going on.
In fact, you will see two posts from me today, each with the same topic.
You see, I am participating in the pre-release tours of not one, not two, but three books =) My book-loving heart is most definitely happy <3 Today, I get to share the covers with you all of these books. And for those of you wondering, there’s two different posts, so I have two different links, so each book has it’s own unique link for the authors to link to, so yeah . . . technical, aren’t we ;D
We’re counting down the months until Book Three of the Tales of Faith series is released! But for now… we get to see the cover of Amanda Tero’s newest book.

Ready . . . ??

Are you sure . . . ??

Positive . . . ??

Well, then, here goes nothing!

Protecting the Poor will release August 26, 2019, completing the Tales of Faith trilogy. While Befriending the Beast and The Secret Slipper are loose retellings of fairy tales, Protecting the Poor is a retelling of a classic legend: Robin Hood.

About the Book

Sheriff Feroci is now lord over the province, and Abtshire has become a pit of injustice. Being forced into the lord’s service does not give Dumphey as many opportunities to help the poor as he desires. When attempts on his life drive him into the forest, this freedom opens a world of possibilities for helping others.But how can he do so when he is running for his life? And does God want him to do more than simply feed the poor?Noel has always hidden behind the shadow of his older brother, Dumphey. When life forces him to stand on his own, will he still follow God in the corrupt world in which he lives? Would God really call him to do something that is beyond his power to do?As Lord Feroci’s sinister plot comes to light, each lad has a choice to make. A choice that could cost them their lives.

Lord Feroci slammed the desk with his fists. “I didn’t send you on a fool’s errand, Barat.” He clenched his teeth as he glared at the missive opened before him.
“Aye, sir. I cannot help that others are the fools.” Feroci released his anger in a growl. Barat stood patiently, his arms crossed.
“We’re losing time, Barat.” Barat didn’t respond.
“You’re not doing enough.” He raised his head to glare at his man. Barat stared him down. Nothing could phase this man. Which was exactly why Feroci had him in his employ. But ’twas irksome at times. Feroci blew out his pent-up air and fell back into his chair.
“What do you suggest?” Barat was the only man in Abtshire from whom he would even consider suggestions. The man had proven his loyalty on the battlefield, taking more than one scar for Feroci. Feroci had returned the favor as many times. They were in this together. Barat finally stepped forward, but he didn’t sit in the seat across Feroci. Instead, he took the missive from Feroci’s desk and held it at two corners. “I say, we do this…” He pulled at the paper and it ripped—something weak giving way to a greater force that commanded it. That sight alone gave Feroci strength and he nodded in satisfaction. “Aye. Something made from pulp cannot stand against an iron fist. They will give way.”
“Call another meeting.”
Barat layered the two pieces of paper and held them over one of the candles that shed light in the dim room. A small strand of smoke wove upward before the paper burst into flame. Extra light illuminated the room then dimmed as the paper turned into gray ash.
“We know their weaknesses as well as their strengths. Use their weaknesses against them. Convince them that there is no other choice.” Feroci leaned forward and grabbed the quill he had dropped when Barat had entered. He ran his fingers across its smoothness before taking a clean paper. “Well put.” He dipped the quill in ink. “Matheny … ’tis a vast city, but given the right promise, the townspeople will rebel and overthrow Lord Nedry.” He wrote a few lines, shaping the concept that Barat had supplied. “Haar is closer to the king, so that could pose problems.”

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Want to read more? Visit Amanda’s blog
for a preview of the first chapter.

Who else is excited for this release? In honour of the release of this book, there will be a three month long (yes, you read that right — three month long!) blog tour, in which Amanda will be sharing her experience, inspiration, and various other writerly things relating to the Tales of Faith trilogy.


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