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So, earlier this year there was a large(ish) gap between posts. And I promised to let you in to what I was busy with during that time. And as of right now, it’s been a couple of weeks since posting anything. Now, those of you who have been following this blog for a while know that I don’t often – like almost never — post life updates. But sometimes it’s nice, so here goes nothing =) Forgive me if I seem to ramble down rabbit trails…….

The first thing that has been keeping me busy was this new medicine the doctors gave my grandfather. I think I actually probably surprised some people — the floor doctor included — when I very……umm……passionately explained why going BACK on the medicine that put him in the ICU for nearly a week was a bad idea. And since the hospital and the staff are pretty familiar sights by now, they didn’t know I had that in me. Actually, truth be told, I didn’t even realize I could get so worked up with almost strangers :D Anyways, I was blessed to be able to get plenty of time with them both before they fled the summer heat for cooler northern temperatures. We all miss them terribly, actually, and are waiting for them to head back this way in a couple of months =)

At the beginning of this year, I decided to start on a year long project for my hope chest. I fell in love with the Beekeeper’s Quilt when I saw it a couple years ago, and decided to give it a try this year. Being a bit…..frugal, since my sister hates the word “cheap” =)…….I wasn’t spending money on a pattern that I would have to tweak, from what everyone was saying online. So I figured out a version that works for me.  It ended up being the perfect project for bringing places — like the hospital. Once I got the hang of the technique, it’s a good “mindless” project, that is easy to put down when I need to stop, even in the middle of a row. I have about a hundred of the little hexipuffs done now; I estimate that I need about three hundred total. I am hoping to be able to sew it up during the winter months.

My stash of yarn is thanking me for using up all the odds and ends that I had laying about — I have been knitting/crocheting for more than ten years, and apparently I have never thrown out any length of yarn that was long enough to wind into a ball…..which is ending up to be a good thing, actually :D

While at the hospital with Grandpa, springtime came to stay. The trees and plants around our home burst into things of beauty. I absolutely love springtime, even if it does make me sneeze. Seeing everything that has laid dormant all winter suddenly bursting into bloom always amazes me and shows me the creative mind of our great Creator.

Peach Blossoms

We — meaning the boys and Dad — managed to butcher the turkeys and chickens. I’ll spare you a picture of them hard at work, and share this one instead =)  It’s been nice to have fresh meat!

The garden was planted next, with much sweat and sunburns and happiness. I love being outside in the garden, and the boys have been a great help this year. These pictures were taken in the beginning of June, and we have since filled in all the beds. And. thankfully, all the plants are doing well. I have been working with a younger sister to can beans and we have been baking up a storm with zucchini — bread and muffins and chocolate cupcakes =) We have been filling the freezer, and we are about to have a bumper crop of cucumbers coming in, Lord willing, that we’ll turn into pickles and relishes and basically yumminess in a jar =) I had one goal in mind for the garden, one word that pretty much summed up the ultimate goal: “Pretty”. Normally I have a word like “fruitful”, but I really wanted a pretty place that was peaceful for strolling through.

Speaking of fruitful, the blackberry vines have been producing a lot.  We are at the end of the season for blackberries now, or nearly there, but I managed to get enough berries from our own vines to make a good 9 pints of jam. That’s roughly eighteen cups of berries, so I’m happy. And we have a few more that I need to make into jam. Or maybe I’ll just leave them frozen to top yogurt or something…..but I am so thankful for that abundance!

Dad and the boys also robbed the beehives, so we have plenty of fresh honey. And those of us who have no projects going have been faithful to cracking the pecans, so we have been enjoying fresh pecans on everything =)

I have mentioned a few times that I have started decorating sugar cookies, with an attempt to turn it into a small cottage industry. I’ve actually had a couple orders for them already, and my sister has completed the logo for me. It comes in handy to have an artist/graphic designer in the family! We were talking about it, and she created it in a single day. I am so thankful for her skills, and am looking forward to seeing what opportunities the Lord provides for this :D

Cookies for a “cowgirl” themed baby shower……

Baby Cuteness……


A friend’s wedding……


A nautical themed birthday…….


Baccalaureate service for my sister…..

Fourth of July Celebration

Right now the plan is to research craft shows and farmers markets and see what the Lord has in store. Good thing is we have other things we can market as well, and we are all excited about this endeavor!

And I think that pretty much sums it up =) About the only other thing happening around here is a fox that is feasting on the poultry. And we think it may have gotten a few kittens and our smaller cats — the neighbors have kittens disappearing, too. It has actually gotten so comfortable on our little homestead that it has ventured on the land in the early mornings with the boys outside feeding everything……

I must say, I love the summer season. It is a time of busyness for our family, but everyday, normal busyness, which is somewhat relaxing, I think. It seems like time slows down in the summer, but in reality, I am most likely the one who slows down. I tend to make more time in summer to slow down and enjoy the little things — the same things things that are there most of the year but go unnoticed. And I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with the southern heat or the legendary southern humidity =) It’s just…..I’m not sure. It’s a beautiful time, that’s for sure.

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