Recommended Reading

Reading. What better way to spend the time of those moments when there is nothing to do? When there is a subject to be thoroughly learned? When there is a place to visit? Time in the car? You can’t sleep at night? You are stuck inside on a rainy day? I thought I would create a page with links to take you to all the books I have read and reviewed that I highly recommend you read as well…..Happy Reading!


~Click on a title to read the review~

Chase Away Cancer: A Powerful True Story of Finding Light in a Dark Diagnosis - By: Ellie Poole Ewoldt

#1: Counted With the Stars - By: Connilyn Cossette

Saving My Assassin - By: Virginia Prodan

 ~I am an affiliate member of Christian Book Distributors….I will only recommend books that I have read and enjoyed. Using my affiliate link will not cost you any more, and I will receive a percentage of the total of your purchase — Thank you for shopping through my link!!!~

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