Recommended Reading

Reading. What better way to spend the time of those moments when there is nothing to do? When there is a subject to be thoroughly learned? When there is a place to visit? Time in the car? You can’t sleep at night? You are stuck inside on a rainy day? I thought I would create a page with links to take you to all the books I have read and reviewed that I highly recommend you read as well…..Happy Reading!

All Manner of Things
Almost Home
An Uncommon Woman

Ben-Hur: A Tale of Christ 

Bread of Life

Chase Away Cancer
Conspiracy of Silence
Counted With the Stars

Daughter, Where’s Your Crown?
Dear Daughters
Dew Drops and Butterflies 

Engraved on the Heart

Failures of the Imagination
Faith Alone
Fatal Trust
Finding Christmas Joy

God Made Me Unique
Gus Loses His Grip

Henry Says Good Bye
His Law is Love
Home for Christmas
Hope Alone
Hymns in the Hills

Judah’s Wife


Light of the Last
Live Without You
London in the Dark
Loving Luther

Made for the Journey
Martin Hospitality

O Come, All Ye Faithful
One More River to Cross

Protecting the Poor

Quest for Leviathan

Saving My Assassin
Shadow of the Storm
So Close to Amazing
Surviving Uncle Hitler


The Christmas Blessing
The Christmas She Wanted
The Maggie Bright
The Other Side of Infamy
The Promise of Jesse Woods
The Seamstress
The Women Who Met Jesus
Thief of Corinth

Under a Cloudless Sky
Until We Find Home

Wedding Score
When Beauty Blooms
With Love, Wherever You Are
Winning Your Blood Sugar Battle
Wings of the Wind
Writer Get Noticed


A Question of War
A Question of Courage
A Question of Loyalty

Out of Egypt
Counted With the Stars
Shadow of the Storm
 Wings of the Wind

The Tox Files
The Warriors Seal
Conspiracy of Silence
Crown of Souls

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