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spanish lessons, anybody?

I have a sweet friend at my church that is interested in teaching a private Spanish class for home schooled children in Alabama. She picked up the language EXTREMELY fast, and is very gifted in using it. I know if you had this young lady for a teacher you would find it easy to learn this mysterious (to me!) language =)

Here is all the details and information:

Private Spanish Lessons

  • A little about me and the class I am offering:

My name is Christiana Liddle and I am excited to be offering private Spanish lessons this fall for 6th—12th grade students! I am in my senior year of college at Pensacola Christian College. I have taken 6 semesters of college Spanish; I tutored one college student in Spanish and another in Phonics. I have taken education classes in which I had the opportunity to teach lessons. I love being able to help others learn and would love to teach your child! Details are below:

  • Course Level:
    This is a beginning Spanish course. This course assumes that the student has no experience in Spanish. This course of 24 lessons may be considered ½ high school credit.
  • Objectives:
    By the end of this class your child(ren) will:
  • Know approximately 500 Spanish words
  • Be able to read in Spanish at a beginning level
  • Be able to put together basic sentences in Spanish using nouns, subject pronouns, articles, conjunctions, verbs, adjectives, and possessive adjectives.
  • Books:
  • Title: Por todo el mundo Spanish 1, Book 1A
    Author: Steven A. Guémann
    Publisher: Abeka
  • Title: Vocabulary Manual for Por todo el mundo
    Author: Steven A. Guémann
    Publisher: Abeka
  • Title: Vox Spanish and English Student Dictionary
  •  Where to buy books:
  • Buy Abeka books new abeka.com
  • Buy Vox Dictionary new at walmart.com or elsewhere
  • Or buy books and dictionary used online on Amazon or Ebay
  • *Note: Siblings taking the class, may share one set of books if preferred. They will never be required to write in the book for an assignment; however, because the book will be used in class, no more than 2 should share one set of books. *The Spanish dictionary may be shared by any number of siblings.
  • Scheduling Classes:
    Your child(ren) will receive…
  • Two lessons per week (1 hour per lesson) Mondays – Saturdays (scheduling flexible)
  • Total of 24 lessons
  • May be completed in 12 weeks; however, in order to give you flexibility for vacations and other activities, you will have 16 weeks to complete all 24 lessons. Lesson dates are available from October 2 – January 18
  • Location of Lessons:
    Optional for your convenience
  • Cost:
  • Lessons for one student: $10 per lesson, $240 total
  • *Note: If the lessons are held in your home, an extra charge of $5 will be added to each lesson ($120 extra for the whole semester) for gas expenses.
  • Payments may be made by check or cash.
  • Payments are due: by the last day of each month in which classes are taken. The amount due is according to the number of classes taken each month. If the whole semester is paid for in advance, the due date is the last day of the first month.

Feel free to call, text, or email me if you would like to reserve a spot for your child(ren) or if you have further questions. I would be happy to meet you if you would like to discuss the class in person.

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