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Still Holding Hands

Twenty years ago today a young man and a young woman stood side by side, holding hands in front of the minister. She was dressed in a pretty white dress, simple yet elegant, and he was dressed in a white shirt, with black dress pants and coat. They had been looking forward to this day with anticipation for several weeks.

For several weeks they had been fixing up the house a relative had allowed them to rent. Painting, carpeting, cleaning, repairing. Long days and nights of work. It was finally ready, prepared to dwell in, prepared to be turned into a home.

An informal barbecue housewarming type of party. A few close friends, family, and a minister who would happen to have been invited.

The cool evening air was a relief after a fairly warm Saturday. Everyone gathered around the minister and young couple. Standing in the entrance way, the guests witnessed as the young people shared vows that made their lives inexplicably entwined with each other for life. Taking upon themselves the solemnest vows that ever a man and a woman can take upon themselves, each binding their person to the other, for the span of their entire lives. For forever.

A new family was begun. Two best friends became one for life. One in joy, one in sorrow. One for life. 1They had struggles as they strived to become one. Two sinful people were brought into close communion with each other, and each had selfish desires in their hearts that needed to be let go. Each had expectations that were unrealistic, and each had to work on communication. But this husband and wife loved each other through trial and adversity with a love so deep that it was always there. Through dark and fearsome circumstances, storms and times of change, the deathless, never~ending love of these two people clung to each other. Even when they didn’t recognize it – didn’t feel it – didn’t want to accept it – they still loved each other.DSC_0153

Twenty years later the fruit of this marriage is seen in the family. Together they have conceived fourteen children. Walked through three miscarriages. Birthed ten — soon to be eleven! — children, each marking an epoch in time and memorializing their love of each other.

Twenty years later, this couple is still holding hands. Still sharing life. Sharing with the world a beautiful story of God’s redemption. Of fidelity, purity, and commitment. Modeling to everyone who cares to see a beautiful picture of Christ’s devotion to His church, by setting an example of a husband’s unceasing devotion to his wife. Telling their children through their actions that marriage is about more than just two people becoming one, more than having babies and raising children. It is about bringing glory to God, to the One who brought each to the other. Showing others that God’s grace is always sufficient. Keeping the testimony of Christ’s love to the church pure as the world watches two Christian people become one through marriage.EditedHappy anniversary to two parents who still hold hands after twenty years!

This should have been posted yesterday….but due to technical problems the internet wouldn’t connect. So here it is, a day late =)

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