The Necessity of Family Worship

They all gather around. The whole family, from the twenty year old to the four month old baby, all were present. The father clears his throat and positions his glasses on his face. He opens the catechism book the children are working through, while everyone pushes dirty plates aside from eating dinner. The noise and conversation from the meal ceases, and the children sit still in their seats. The father asks each child a question, and asks them to back up the answer with a proof text from the Bible. He pulls out the devotional the family is working through: a devotional based on the Westminster catechism, that is nearly the same catechism as the one the family is using. This book explains an aspect of the catechism each day for a week, then moves on to a new question.

The father puts away the books, and looks around his dinner table, and asks if anyone has anything specific they need prayer for. Then the family goes around the table, making their requests…..

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