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thoughts about the wedding {and pictures, ya’ll…}

My sister’s wedding was at the beginning of March, and it is long past time to share {some} of the details with y’all. There was so much that went on at the wedding that I’d like to remember, and so many wonderful pictures the photographers captured….just know there are going to be many, many pictures involved in the sharing of it :D And many words and details, so yeah. This is going to be rather long. And it may ramble on a bit…

With eight weeks to prepare, we were in a tailspin of plans and executing those plans, and planning out exactly how we were going to execute these plans. So in these past weeks after the wedding, I have been busy with so many things. With my parents spending almost every day with my sister and her husband-to-be, there was much neglected in our own home that needed to be taken care of. Priorities, ya’ll — and the wedding and their relationship was definitely the priority =)

At the same time, I simply haven’t felt like writing much of anything. These have been emotional days at our home because there are so many different changes happening. I hate change, as you all know, and I have been reminding myself almost constantly that everything that has happened was decreed by a loving God who has showered our family with far more kindness than we deserve…and far more than we will ever know about. I have been reminding myself to trust Him and rest content in His will and the circumstances He has placed our family in, even when in our human mind, we don’t totally understand. Mom’s “front porch” vision is looking more glorious all the time, and one of these days I may just have to explain it to you :D Anyways…where to start? 

I’ll start with the day before — the rehearsal dinner and setting up for the wedding. I’ll even go back before that: It had been raining for weeks leading up to the wedding — everywhere was flooding, and every inch of our land was squishy. Which was NOT good news, since the wedding was outside, the cars were parking in a field, and it wasn’t even our grass the cars would get stuck in — it was a sweet friend’s homestead. Anyways, the homestead was an hour north-east of where we live, and when we got there, we realized two things: One, the ground wasn’t the least bit soggy ((all the vehicles parked and left and there wasn’t a mark!)) and two, the rain had caused the pear trees to bloom out in beautiful splendor.

We spent the day dodging rain showers and setting up the decorations that would be okay being rained on. It was drizzling all day, on and off, and there was a chance of rain in the forecast for the next day.

At one point, the rain was going all around us and we were watching clouds build and move off :D
Rosemary in the groom’s boutonniere — ’cause he hates rosemary.



A really heavy concrete table thingy that Dad and the boys made that weighs about 400 pounds. Family teamwork!
The bride and her chariot. And the pastor’s dog, apparently :D

We finished getting everything ready in the nick of time, and eventually Tim showed up, his family, the groomsmen, the bridesmaids, the grandparents, photographers, and wedding coordinater (a sweet friend who offered to take on the monumental task of keeping all of us scatter-brains on track!). And then, Tim’s brother, who’s in the military, surprised us all by getting out of his fiancee’s car. No one expected him to be there, and it was nice to actually be able to meet him. So he joined the lineup of groomsmen – the dress blues he wore went perfectly with the colour scheme of ocean blues :D

Both grandmothers, who happen to be friends =) Tim’s MawMaw adopted us as her own before anything happened between the two of them <3


We ran through the order of the ceremony a couple of times, and I was relieved to be able to actually get to practice the wedding songs with actual people coming down the aisle. I think I scared some people when I was missing cues and such during the rehearsal — but I was running on about 5 hours of sleep in a 30 hour period, at that point. Late night projects and an early morning arrival time made for a brutal night of sleep :D And it only got better….=)

My crazy brother-in-law :D

The rehearsal dinner dessert was an ice cream bar and we enjoyed talking to everybody and meeting new people. Then we headed back to the wedding site to finish a couple of last minute things….like hanging lanterns in a tree in the dark, and hanging doilies and signs and setting up the dessert table.

We made it back home and I was just about to get ready for bed when there was a frantic….rush, I guess. It was 11:30 at night and my mother had fallen on her way out to the truck to get something that we would need for the next day. So it was decided that I would drive Mom to the ER to see about her rapidly swelling ankle/foot/heel, and Dad would stay home to drive everybody over to the venue the next morning.

The diagnoses: a severe sprain. After crutches, pain meds, and an ankle boot/brace thingy, we gave whoever monitors the parking lot security cameras a good laugh, I’m sure. And I was thankful for the time Mom and I were able to spend together with just the two of us…although when I had mentioned just us doing something, I kinda meant after the wedding, and not at the ER. And I did rather well driving home at 3:30 in the morning, if I do say so =) I haven’t really driven that late at night with so few hours sleep, but we made it in one piece :D

And then, with three hours of sleep, it was time to drive Mom over to the wedding venue. Everybody else had headed out about an hour after we got home from the ER. Guys, the whole time I was driving up the mountain it was pouring rain. Literally pouring. But when we got to the site, it had stopped. And the ground still wasn’t mushy. It was pretty amazing, to say the least!

And then began a flurry of activity, which will best be described with pictures…a lot of pictures. Beware, ’cause I’ve warned you!

Dad made the ring holder, and Casidie made the guest-book tree stump….I couldn’t believe how detailed she made the wood burning!

First, we had to get ready. A sweet friend offered to make Bethaney’s veil and she did her hair as well — it was lovely! And then the first tears of the day came as Tim’s sister walked in and saw Bethaney dressed and ready.

The next set of tears came as Dad saw Bethaney for the first time :D

Peekin’ through the door
And more waiting. And crying :D
…and more tears. My father is quite emotional — we had several friends offer to bring boxes of kleenex….
…and more tears! Apparently we are an emotional family!


looking on….and more tears! Everybody in the room peaking through the door was crying….

Time for pictures next…..

umm….no idea. Dancing on the clouds, maybe? :D My sister says love makes ya do crazy things =P 

bride and maid of honour

The bride and the groom didn’t want to see each other before the wedding, but they wanted to pray together. So Tim’s brother blindfolded him and led him to the tree.

and he’s….skipping. Like a man in love =)

Guests started arriving….

We headed back inside for a couple of minutes before it actually started….

…and then came more tears as sweet friends and family got their first glimpse of the bride.

MawMaw’s first glimpse

The keyboard was set up last minute because of the rain.

Then the wedding officially started! Everything that we had been planning for weeks took a matter of minutes to be over and done with :D

This sweet man played chauffeur the whole day, driving people back and forth, getting the wedding party where they needed to be….and offering encouragement and laughter
The Prelude
Getting ready to go =)
One of the sweet photographers telling my brother-in-law something — her and her husband drove many hours to be there, and I so enjoyed meeting them!
And it’s finally starting!
Our grandparents….
MawMaw and Tim’s brother….who was also the best man
His parents
our parents….
the brother who surprised us all….
as the groomsmen came down the aisle, they all hugged Tim or shook his hand

The flower girls, who carried balloons down the aisle
ring bearer….
on the way to the wedding….

And we wait….
And here she comes!
<3 I love the tears from the groom!

First kiss as Mr. and Mrs.
Notice the pastor, hiding his face =P
The happy couple!

Afterwards, there was the gamut of family portraits, couple portraits, and just plain ol’ fun pictures.

Both family’s, all together. Those two have a LOT of immediate family members :D

Don’t ask, ’cause I don’t know =P
This might just be my favourite photo of the boys :D
One of my favourite photos of the couple
And my other favourite photo
I’m not sure what he’s doing….but he’s a cute little thing =)


again, my brother-in-law is crazy!


The expressions are priceless!

Then it was time to cut the cake and join the reception. I was *SO* thankful for the sweet friend who showed up the day before and agreed to take care of the cake for me. I had never made a tiered cake before and was tormented with nightmares of the whole thing toppling over. Thankfully, this sweet friend has stacked plenty of cakes, so she took my already-frosted-layers and made them beautiful!

We were so thankful for the sweet friends who were more than willing to help with everything! Especially with Mom’s injury, they were more than willing to jump right in and pick up the slack. We wouldn’t have been ready if it wasn’t for their willingness to serve <3
This couple was an amazing help getting food out and warmed up…and their daughter is one of the ones who took pictures =)
Yes, we decorated with furniture from our home. Our house looked kinda bare =)
More dessert….

Besides the cookies, Mrs. G — Tim’s Mom — had made carrot cakes and cheesecakes. I don’t have a picture of them, and I never got to taste them, but I am sure they were delicious. They looked delicious, anyways =9


More of the sweet people willing to jump in and lend a hand…the Lord has truly blessed us with friends who exhibit His love <3

We threw sprinkles as the couple walked to the getaway car….whoever told them they were supposed to walk slowly in response to Tim’s question of how it was done, you have our everlasting gratitude, ’cause it made for some awfully funny moments and lots of sprinkles to be thrown all over them! I *think* this was everyone’s favourite part, judging by the laughing and the smiles and the apparent enthusiasm with which the sprinkles are being hurled =)

The read-headed girl running is Tim’s sister….who just poured sprinkles over both their unsuspecting heads :D Bravo!

love the laughter =)

can ya tell who the family members are? =)

Then they were off…..after Tim emptied himself of the sprinkles that ended up in his pocket :D

watch the pocket….

standing on his head….X)

And then it was time to clean up! It actually drizzled a bit while we were packing everything away, and it poured the next day. We ended up bringing Bethaney and Tim’s things to their home and eating dinner with his brother and MawMaw. By the end of the day, Mom and I were going on 58 hours with only 7 hours of sleep….and everyone else only had a bit more =) Exhausted? Yes! And we still had to drive back home, and get up for church the next day….=P

If you made it to the end of this….wow! I didn’t quite realize just how many pictures I was putting on here….and it’s not nearly the amount of what we have been going through! For those of you who have been praying for us during this season, thank you! For everyone who helped, thank you!

Pictures are courtesy of a multitude of people who helped us to capture the day. I took a few, and I *know* some of these are from my Aunt Jennifer, Aunt Patty, Pastor John C. Leah G., Abby H., Rebekah P., Celia C., Charlotte D., Cheryl O., Philip H…..and possibly a few others :D Thank you — each one of you — for sharing the pictures! 

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