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Breaking the Power of Negative Words: How Positive Words Can Heal by [Busha, Mary C.]Breaking the Power of Negative Words by Mary C. Busha

The spoken word has immense potential for either building up or tearing down. Too often, it’s the latter. Many of us are daily carrying around hurtful words, sometimes without even knowing it. These negative words have great influence over our lives and the lives of those around us. But thankfully, they are not the last word.

Mary Busha speaks to the hurting and guides them toward victory over the harmful, demeaning, or insulting words of their past. She shows readers how to

– understand the emotions and circumstances behind the words
– choose to want to forgive their offenders
– embrace the truth about who they are created to be
– recognize the effect of both negative and positive self-talk
– pray effectively to break the power of negative words
– and walk in the freedom God provides in his Word

She also encourages readers to find ways to use their own words to lift up the people God places in their paths.

This was an . . . interesting book. It had good points, bad points, and just plain odd points. I like how it stresses forgiveness — and not forgiveness to bitterness, but forgiveness to love, with the same love that Christ loved you. It exhorts you to love others. To forgive.

I loved how the author encourages you to check the words that come out of your own mouth and purpose to build up others instead of searching to tear them down with your words.

I didn’t agree with every single thing that was written in the book. But I enjoyed reading through it, and it left much to consider. My advice to you would be to chew the meat and swallow the bones.

I’d give this two out of five stars.


When Life Doesn’t Match Your Dreams by Jill Eileen Smith

When Life Doesn't Match Your Dreams: Hope for Today from 12 Women of the Bible by [Smith, Jill Eileen]

Life is full of twists and turns. Relationships falter, careers fizzle, health fades. We may be faced with choices we never wanted to make or have situations pushed upon us we’d never expected. Yet, in all of it, God is at our side–even when he feels far away.

Drawing on her extensive research into women of the Old Testament, novelist Jill Eileen Smith turns her pen to the lessons in trusting God that we can learn today from women like

– Eve
– Noah’s wife
– Sarai
– Hagar
– Lot’s wife
– Rebekah
– Rachel
– and more

Readers will learn from what these ancient women did right–and even what they did wrong–when faced with dashed expectations and deferred dreams. And they’ll come away with the confidence that ours is a faithful God who loves us and is forming us through our trials into the women he longs for us to be.

Now this book . . . this book was good. Once again, as a disclaimer, I did NOT agree with every single thing written between the covers. But it was good, and it is definitely one I would recommend.

The stories introducing each woman brought the Biblical character to life in a profound way giving them breath and a soul and depth. Reading the thoughts helped me to gain an understanding of each woman that I didn’t have before, and I appreciated that.

This was encouraging, in a look-what-they-did type of way. I would absolutely read it again! Three stars!


*I received both of these books from the pubvlisher in exchange for an honest review.
I was not under any obligation to enjoy them, simply to give my honest opinion.*

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