Words, both written and spoken, are important to us. They are a means of communication. They are the most effective way to share with others what is going on in our lives and hearts. There are other ways of communicating, but we all have a foundation of words that mean something intelligible.

Humans are not solitary creatures. We were created to have fellowship with others, to seek out friendships, to communicate. We see the importance of words in the preservation of the greatest book of all time, the Holy Bible. We only have the Holy Scriptures – the revealed will of God – because of the words that were put down. These were the words that were considered by God important enough to preserve and pass on to future generations. Jesus spoke to His disciples through parables and explained the parables with the use of words.

We have the proverbs King Solomon spoke to his son. From these proverbs so many of us have learned and grown. And this was because someone knew what a legacy they would be to the future world through all the ages yet to come.

Written words are important to us. It is through written words that we know our nation’s heritage and history. Through written words we know where we have come from. Letters written have connected families and friends for centuries.. Historically this included the soldier on the front lines of battle, the missionary laboring to bring souls to a knowledge of Christ, and the children who left to seek their fortunes out on the prairie, forsaking all to follow their husbands dream of taming an untamed world. Through the use of printing presses books have been…..

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  1. Abigail Joy says:

    Hello Kaitlyn! I’m so excited to have found your blog. When I read your description, I noticed two things (other than the fact that we are very likeminded, and both are Bible believing Christians .) that you are oldest of eleven, and live in the South. I am number 6 of twelve, and live in the South. (U.S. South, I hope, is the South you’re talking about. :} ). You have gained a follower, and maybe a friend. Abigail Joy.

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